Summer 2019

This season, forge paths, blaze trails, get out and make some waves. With 4,500 fishing lakes and 16,000 miles of fishable rivers and streams to explore in Minnesota, all you have to do is get started. WWUMN Looks forward to seeing you on the lakes.

Fishing and Boating Season!

May 2019

We at WWUMN love to enjoy the outdoors. Just remember to be responsible. With the fishing and boating season upon keeping yourself and your families safe is a priority, always wear your life jackets and don’t drink and boat. Alcohol is involved in about 30 percent of fatal boat accidents in Minnesota. Drunk boating is drunk driving — designate a sober ride on the water and on the road.

Protect Your Oaks

April - July

Oak wilt is a deadly disease that affects all species of oaks (Quercus) found in Minnesota. It is caused by a non-native, invasive fungus (Bretziella fagacearum, formerly Ceratocystis fagacearum). The fungus invades the water-conducting vessels of oaks, eventually killing infected trees. While the oak wilt pathogen can infect all species of oak, those in the red oak group (leaves with pointed lobes) die about two months after infections. Bur oaks die between one and seven years after infection, while white oaks die from one to over 20 years after infection.

Arbor Month—May 2019—Plant Trees For Clean Water

May 2019

Everything from tree roots to leaves plays a role in keeping our water in lakes, rivers, and aquifers clean. This is important because 75 percent of Minnesotans get their drinking water from the forested parts of the state.

Ice Shelter Licenses

December 20, 2018

If your shelter doesn’t collapse, fold or disassemble for transportation, it needs a shelter license. Unattended portable shelters also need a license. Get the details.

Pressure Ridge Dangers

December 20, 2018

Extremely thin and weak ice is the result of a pressure ridge forming. This can happen on any body of water at any time during the ice season. Lives have been lost when traveling on ice that does not support the weight of your vehicle. Check ice recommendations.

Time for Turkey

December 20, 2018

If you want to hunt wild turkey in the spring of 2019, apply for your spring hunting permit by Friday, Jan. 25. Turkey lottery applications can be purchased online or by phone at 888-665-4236.

Hunters: Make safety the priority

Oct. 1

Safety in the field begins with treating every firearm as if it’s loaded, being sure of your target and what’s beyond it, and controlling the muzzle of your firearm at all times. Make sure you have the proper certification

Fall Color Finder

Oct. 1

Ready to chase the fall colors across Minnesota? Find the peak colors, share your photos, and find fall events with our fall color finder

Prepare for pheasant season

Oct. 13

Get ready to go out in the grass for pheasant hunting. Find out where to hunt, review our hunting tips and know the rules. Pheasant season starts on Oct. 13.