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Ice Shelter Licenses

December 20, 2018

If your shelter doesn’t collapse, fold or disassemble for transportation, it needs a shelter license. Unattended portable shelters also need a license. Get the details.

Pressure Ridge Dangers

December 20, 2018

Extremely thin and weak ice is the result of a pressure ridge forming. This can happen on any body of water at any time during the ice season. Lives have been lost when traveling on ice that does not support the weight of your vehicle. Check ice recommendations.

Time for Turkey

December 20, 2018

If you want to hunt wild turkey in the spring of 2019, apply for your spring hunting permit by Friday, Jan. 25. Turkey lottery applications can be purchased online or by phone at 888-665-4236.

Board of Directors

Logan Shiflett add

My name is Logan Shiflett and I currently live in Cromwell, MN. I became involved with the Wounded Warriors United Headquarter organization in 2013 ...

Theodore Johnson add

My name is Ted Johnson and I was born, raised and now live in Duluth, MN. In 1996 I joined the United States Marine Corps and spent 4 years active duty ...

Warren Stenson add

My name is Warren Stenson and I live in Cromwell, MN. I joined the Army in 1989 and left in 1991, am a Desert Storm vet and spent most of my time ...

Ashley Shiflett add

Hello, my name is Ashley Shiflett & I come from a family of Marine Corps Veterans. My grandfather was enlisted from 1956-1960 & my Father enlisted right out of high ...

Derek Daniels add

Hello, my name is Derek Daniels. I was born and still live in the Duluth, MN area. I joined the Minnesota Army National Guard in May of 2000. I started my military ...

Joseph Arnold add

My name is Joe Arnold. I am a highway maintenance worker with Carlton County and a 21-year veteran of the United States Army. I joined in October 1985 and retired ...

Jamey Johnson add

My name is Jamey Johnson and I was born, raised and now reside in Minnesota. After graduating from High School in 1992 I enlisted in the United States Air Force ...